What is Walletconnect?

WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting desktop Dapps to mobile Wallets using end-to-end encryption with QR code scanning or deep linking. Unlike browser extensions or desktop wallets, users can securely interact with any decentralized applications. An end-user may use a mobile application such as Trust Wallet to connect to DApps and do transactions securely without disclosing any confidential information about themselves. People’s funds are never at risk and the possibility of hijacking is very low because the private key never leaves the user’s device.

What are the benefits of using Walletconnect?

Here we explain some advantages of using Walletconnect:

  • Users will be able to use their preferred wallet without worrying about which Dapp is integrated with which wallet.
  • simplify wallet integration for Dapp developers Instead of forcing them to connect each wallet separately.
  • provide flexibility to Dapp developers to choose which Wallet Connect bridge servers they want to utilize to connect with mobile wallets.
  • provide mobile wallet developers the ability to customize how push notifications are sent to their consumers.
  • Dapp developers can connect with many wallets simultaneously.
  • Give users the ability of using their mobile wallets with Dapps without installing a browser extension.

How does it work?

DApps and other wallets can interact with your wallet by means of free and open-source protocol of the WalletConnect. You can easily scan a QR code or click on a deep link provided by the DApp to create an encrypted connection between your wallet and the DApp. Moreover, it will notify users of the incoming transactions. WalletConnect is presented on mobile wallets for Android or iOS devices, such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask.

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