What are the best liquidity pool trackers?

What is liquidity pool?  

Liquidity pool is a pool of funds placed into a smart contract which provide liquidity for DeFi applications such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), lending and borrowing protocols. people who deposit tokens into a liquidity pool are known as liquidity providers. Individuals receive LP tokens in return of tokens deposited into a liquidity pool. These LP tokens show that you are an owner of the pool according to the share of tokens that you have contributed to the total pool. Funding in these pools are essential to a DEX’s success so owners are rewarded for their deposits by gaining a small fee on every transaction that occur by using of the liquidity pools that they fund.

What is liquidity pool tracker?

liquidity pool tracker is a website, app, or platform that helps you to keep track of the performance, returns and risk data of different liquidity pools or your active liquidity pool deposits. It makes managing your assets easier and helps the management of your investments by providing analytics or return on investment of your liquidity pool. The returns of liquidity pools are changing by the time so individuals should be aware that it is needed to check their position regularly.

Here we represent the best liquidity pool trackers:


APY.vision: All-in-one liquidity pool analytics and yield farming rewards tracking tool. Find the most profitable liquidity pools, calculate liquidity pool performance, impermanent losses and track yield farming rewards in one place. APY.Vision offers a two-tiered dashboard to manage your liquidity pools. APY.vision offers different AMMs.


In Pools.yfi you can find the top liquidity pools across a range of different Automated Money Markets (AMM) with your liquidity positions. Anyone can start earning trading fees on exchange platforms like Uniswap today by being a liquidity provider. Pools fully distribute trading fees to liquidity providers. As a liquidity provider, you add a specific ratio of assets to help faciliate trades in the pool. Doing so gives you an ownership share of the pool and the future trading fees it generates.


Instant on-chain DeFi data. Multi-chain asset price, volume, trading, and portfolio tracking data for DeFi investors and traders. Institutional-grade database and analytics dashboard toolkit for DeFi product teams and developers. Yield Monitor’s high-powered database feeds on-chain data directly to users and DeFi platforms to keep financial products running smoothly and accurately. Upcoming user analytics tooling will enable builders to offer improved customer experiences.


YieldShield is an automatic and secure yield farming optimization service, built on the Yield Protocol toolset. We deploy smart contracts and AI in a very simple and intuitive user interface, allowing anyone to easily yield farm safely. Our robo-farmer maximizes users’ returns, based on their risk-level settings.


Revert Finance: Actionable analytics for DeFi liquidity providers.

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