How can you find a Walliro address?

When you can not remember your Walliro address can find it with an owner address or the creation transaction. There are two ways as follows: 1-Find a Walliro by connecting an owner wallet to the Walliro web app. Please visit and connect with an owner wallet (e.g. Metamask or Ledger) on the top right […]

How can I receive assets?

You can easily send your digital assets to your Walliro, this includes: Cryptocurrencies e.g ETH, BNB – See supported networks here Tokens NFTs – Our UI currently supports ERC-721 NFTs In order to receive assets in your Walliro, you need to send them from the destination wallet to your Walliro using the Walliro address. You […]

Add an existing Walliro

The list of added Walliros stored locally in your browser. This means there are a couple of cases where you want to add or load a new Walliro into the interface. These may include: Accessing your Walliro from a different device/browser Interacting with a Walliro where another party made you an owner adding any existing […]