Supported asset types

Walliro can generally manage the same assets that you would be able to manage with wallets such as Metamask, Ledger or Tronlink . However, depending on the type of asset, some restrictions might apply. The following sections provide more details on this: Ether and ERC20 tokens Walliro supports Ether and all assets that fully comply […]

What is Walliro?

Most crypto users, for example those who hold ETH or BNB, are used to a single-key wallet, often referred to as an Externally Owned Account (EOA). Examples include; MetaMask, Trustwallet, Exodus, etc. These accounts are secured with a 12-word “seed phrase” that can become a private key for the user. If that private key is […]

How to mine TRON coin?

Can Tron be mined? Only those cryptocurrencies can be mined that use the Proof-of-Work consensus. In proof-of-work blockchains, miners compete to validate transactions. Those who manage to do it first get the mining reward. Tron belongs to the new cryptocurrencies that utilize the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. In PoS, there is no mining with the means of computational […]

Staking for Tron

Tron is a growing blockchain with the technology for super-fast and low-cost transactions. You can earn around 7% yield per year and gain rewards from voting for Super representatives (SR) or candidates. To earn voting rights, your Tron has to be frozen. When buying Tron, it is automatically frozen for the first three days. During […]

What Are the Benefits of investing in Tron?

TRX is an appealing choice to start a business in digital assets for amateurs and experienced traders and investors. The reasons why Tron could be a good investment approach are shown here. Tron has Increasing Statistics across several Areas   TRON has progressed exponentially in crucial areas of decentralized finance which will observe its continuous existence […]

4 ways to Make Money with Tron

There are many ways through which virtually anyone can make money with Tron Tokens. Most of these require capital commitment and a few let you earn free Tron tokens that you can later invest or exchange for cash. In this post, therefore, we introduce to you the different ways of making money with Tron tokens. […]

Could tron raise your money?

As the popularity of NFTs and DeFi exponentially increases, investors have begun to keep an eye at cryptocurrencies that have the potential to provide innovative ideas and one of the most attractive projects in the space is Tron. Tron’s idea was to democratize digital content and eliminate the need for an intermediary – in this case, content […]

What is TronLink?

TronLink simplifies access to the Tron Blockchain, making it very easy to use. TronLink browser extension enables Tron users to connect their applications to the Tron platform by using the Google Chrome web browser. It has the ability to connect the content of a website to a secure platform where you can send, receive, sign […]

What is tron?

TRON is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that was launched in 2017 by its founder Justin Sun. The project has raised capital up to $60 million USD through the ICO sale of its native coin which is called Tronix (TRX). Tron works with a delegated proof-of-stake (DPos) consensus mechanism, which means it uses much less power than other […]