Staking for Tron

Tron is a growing blockchain with the technology for super-fast and low-cost transactions. You can earn around 7% yield per year and gain rewards from voting for Super representatives (SR) or candidates. To earn voting rights, your Tron has to be frozen. When buying Tron, it is automatically frozen for the first three days. During […]

What are crypto tokens?

Token and cryptocurrency are often used interchangeably because both are digital assets on blockchains. The most significant difference between a cryptocurrency and a token is that cryptocurrencies are the native asset of a blockchain like ETH on Ethereum blockchain, whereas smart contracts are used to build tokens on an existing blockchain. Tokens are very similar […]

What are ERC tokens?

What is a token? Many people assume tokens and coins are the same, but that’s not correct. While they are often compatible with the cryptocurrencies of that network, they are a wholly different digital asset class. Tokens are units of value that we create on top of existing blockchain networks while Cryptocurrencies are the native asset […]