Staking for Tron

Tron is a growing blockchain with the technology for super-fast and low-cost transactions. You can earn around 7% yield per year and gain rewards from voting for Super representatives (SR) or candidates. To earn voting rights, your Tron has to be frozen. When buying Tron, it is automatically frozen for the first three days. During […]

4 ways to Make Money with Tron

There are many ways through which virtually anyone can make money with Tron Tokens. Most of these require capital commitment and a few let you earn free Tron tokens that you can later invest or exchange for cash. In this post, therefore, we introduce to you the different ways of making money with Tron tokens. […]

What is staking?

account that pays interest. people can stake a portion of their cryptocurrency holdings for a return on the investment would be paid in the native token.  Staking cryptocurrency is a crucial part of maintaining a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains like Ethereum 2.0. Actually, staking is where the assets are pledged to employ a  proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism […]