How to mine TRON coin?

Can Tron be mined?

Only those cryptocurrencies can be mined that use the Proof-of-Work consensus. In proof-of-work blockchains, miners compete to validate transactions. Those who manage to do it first get the mining reward. Tron belongs to the new cryptocurrencies that utilize the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. In PoS, there is no mining with the means of computational power even though we can speak about PoS mining.Transactions are validated by users who lock their coins (stake them) to be able to validate transactions in the network. A protocol assigns the eligible stakers to validate transactions on a random basis. The more coins are staked, the higher are the chances of being assigned to validate a transaction. It means that in PoS mining, the chances to validate a transaction and get a reward depend not on the computational power but on the number of coins locked.Another way to earn TRX is to provide the network with additional storage space.

How to mine TRON coin?

Everyone who starts researching how to mine TRON gets stuck when they find out that it is impossible to mine. However, people can still get Tron coins through mining. For example, miners can earn TRX coins by mining Ethereum on their GPU. GPU mining is more efficient than CPU mining. All you need to do to start earning TRON coins (TRX) is to choose one of the algorithms offered on the TRON mining site. You have to choose between two options

  • Ethash algorithm used to encrypt Etehreum
  • And the CryptoNite algorithm, which uses more privacy-based cryptocurrencies like Monero.

You mine Ethereum as usual. The platform then takes the Ethereum rewards and uses them for mining pools. Next, the rewards will be exchanged and refunded to you in TRX coins. The main steps that everyone learning how to mine TRON should be aware of include:

  1. Download a good GPU mining software like Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner.
  2. Open the batch file marked “start_only_eth.”
  3. Navigate to Tron-mining to copy the Ethash algorithm, which looks like “” 
  4. Highlight the text appear like this: “” and replace it with your “receive” address.
  5. Navigate to your TRON wallet and copy your receive address from there. When you paste it in the place marked as “your wallet address,” type in “allpools 1” after your address. By doing so, you can switch between different cryptocurrencies without breaking them. It’s also advised to rename the BAT file to TRX to more easily identify it. 
  6. After renaming the file, close the text files, and set your miners up and running. You will receive a message saying that your TRON mining has begun in a few moments.

What do you need to start mining TRON coin?

  • The major recommendation for everyone learning how to mine TRON cryptocurrency would be to prepare your GPU for mining by installing the latest stable drivers from the official TRON website.
  • Download and install a TRON wallet. Get your wallet address, which will serve as your username in the TRON mining pool.
  • Download and install Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner. Please be informed that your security system might tag the software as a virus. It’s a false positive.
  • Configure a mining pool and insert your TRON wallet address as your username.
  • Start mining as you double click on start.dat.

TRX mining software

TRON coin is supported by many software and hardware wallets. There are several options that miners can choose from. Choosing a TRON wallet based on your specific needs is a vital step for anyone preparing to mine TRX. By following the instructions given above, you should select the mining software you are using as the main software.

How to mine TRON on PC

Mining TRON on PC is the best solution for beginners how to mine TRON. Users who are experienced in TRON mining can invest in ASIC. Although this is a more expensive method of mining TRX, it proves to be more effective. As you learn how to mine TRON on PC, keep a close eye on your mining profitability chart to maximize your earnings every step of the way.

How to mine TRON on Android or iOS

It’s easy to start mining TRON on Android. All you have to do is install the MinerGate app. There is bad news for users looking for an answer to the question “How to mine TRON on iOS”. It is currently impossible due to the damage crypto mining causes to iPhone hardware.

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