How to create a transaction?

To initiate a new asset transfer, click the “New Transaction” button in the side menu and choose “Send funds”.

In the next step, you will be able to select the recipient. Either by choosing one of the addresses from the address book or by pasting a new address in the input field.

Proceed by choosing an asset that you would like to transfer to the recipient and the amount that should be sent.

Finally, you can review the details of your transfer and also modify the advanced transaction parameters (gas limit, etc.)

After clicking submit you will have to sign the transaction with your signer wallet. And depending on the threshold policy used, the transaction will either be executed right away or will require additional signatures from other signers of the Walliro account.

In this example we choose 2/3 threshold policy, so one of other owners have to sign the transaction.

In this step the next owner have tow choices.

1- Confirm,sign and execute the transaction by paying the network fees.

2- Just confirm and sign the transaction and let other owners to execute the transaction.

For second option steps are as follow:

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