How does Walliro work?

Walliro is a decentralize app, so it doesn’t need any subscription, sign-up, and login. It’s only necessary to select blockchain network, connect wallet and create or manage Walliros.

The following is a brief description of the steps of using the app:

  1. Determine the blockchain network
  • Connect wallet

Walliro, supports these wallets:

  • You can create a new Walliro that is controlled by one or multiple owners. You will be required to pay a network fee for creating your new Walliro, or Already have a Walliro? Easily add it using your Walliro address to access your Walliro from a different device.
  • Creating new Walliro steps:
  • Name

Enter the name of Walliro. This name is only stored locally and will never be shared with Walliro or any third parties.

  • Owners and confirmations

Your Walliro will have one or more owners. Walliro has prefilled the first owner with your connected wallet details, but you are free to change this to a different owner.

Add additional owners (e.g. wallets of your teammates) and specify how many of them have to confirm a transaction before it gets executed. You can also add/remove owners and change the signature threshold after your Walliro is created.

  • Review

Finally you can review the owners, confirmations policy and submit new Walliro.

  • Enjoy your Walliro and manage assets.
  • Create new transaction or confirm existing transactions in walliro’s queue.
  • Easily access DeFi apps

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