4 ways to Make Money with Tron

There are many ways through which virtually anyone can make money with Tron Tokens. Most of these require capital commitment and a few let you earn free Tron tokens that you can later invest or exchange for cash. In this post, therefore, we introduce to you the different ways of making money with Tron tokens. There are multiple ways of making money with Tron, and in this section, we look at the four most common.


Investing is perhaps the easiest and one of the most beginner-friendly methods of making money with Tron. It involves buying TRX tokens and holding on to them for the longer term, hoping that their price will rise to unprecedented levels and earn you huge returns in future. This method of making money with Tron is recommended for beginners because it carries less risk. It is preferred to other forms of trading because of Tron’s proven resilience and sustainability. Resilience is seen in the fact that in the four years that Tron has been around, it has maintained an overall positive return on investment (ROI), exceeding 4500%. It also has the backing of a relevant and speedily expanding network with a clearly defined roadmap that most crypto experts believe will help influence Tron’s sustainability.  


Trading is a hands-on and highly lucrative method of making money with Tron. It involves buying TRX tokens when their price is relatively low and selling them for a profit as soon as their value rises. In this case, you are essentially leveraging the token’s volatile price action. When trading, you can choose to be a day trader who opens and closes multiple TRX trades in a single day, holding on to the tokens for a few seconds, minutes or hours for every trade. You could also be a swing trader who buys when TRX are lowly priced, rides their uptrend for days or months and sells when they peak. In either of these cases, you have the option of trading TRX derivatives, especially the CFDs, which let you go long or short on the trade. Given the highly volatile and unpredictable nature of the Tron token prices, we only recommend TRX token trading to highly experienced crypto traders.

Staking and Lending

The Tron network is secured via the delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism. Therefore, if you have invested in TRX tokens, you could stake them and be elected to validate transactions on the platform and earn free TRX tokens in return. Alternatively, you could lend them to a transaction validator on the network who shares the earned TRX tokens with you. There also are numerous third-party lending platforms that let you earn interest on staked Tron tokens. The Atomic Wallet and Trust wallet staking programs, for instance, promises Tron investors up to 10% interest on staked TRX tokens. Both the on-network and third party lending apps give you a chance to earn doubly on your Tron investment. For starters, you make money when the TRX token prices rise. Secondly, you earn interest and rewards from the staking platforms.

Share/sell creative skills

Tron is a specialist blockchain network dedicated to helping creatives like artists and gaming industry professionals bypass the middleman and establish direct connections with their audience and clients. It has created a platform that lets you (if you are a creative) sell your artistry directly to your clients/listeners/audience and be paid in TRX tokens.

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